Materials and Finishes

Design by Metrica (Bruno Fattorini – Robin Rizzini), 2014

Table with lacquered sheet steel rectangular top and aluminum legs, or with natural or stained oak veneered rectangular top and legs in the same finishes. The legs, available in the same finish as the top, can be mounted at 45 cm from the top edge or flush with it. Height 74 cm – 29 1/8″.

It is possible to create a line made up of several Cross tables using tops featuring the same depth and fitted with the special connection leg (Art. 5014), while a couple of legs (Art. 5015) must be positioned at the table ends. For example, for a 6 m long table you will need 3 200×100 cm tops (Art. 4P00506) + 2 connection legs (Art. 5014) + 1 set of legs (Art. 5015).

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